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Eliminate Foundation Failures with the Wafflemat System

The Wafflemat Foundation System is the world’s leading foundation system for building on expansive, compressible, collapsible, and rocky soils, with millions of square feet of residential and light commercial space built across the United States since 1993 – all without a single structural failure.


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4 Types of Soil for Construction of Foundations in Texas are Solid Rock, Type A, Type B, and Type C Soil.

Foundation Dirt: Which Soil Is Best for Building?

concrete foundations
Soil is the foundation of your foundation. It can determine everything from the value of your home, the repairs you will have to make, and how long...
Contaminated site remediation is the process that improves conditions of soils for construction purposes.

What is Soil Conditioning and Site Remediation?

Soil conditioning and site remediation are processes that improve the conditions of soil for construction purposes.   Depending on the results of y...
Geotechnical Surveys are critical to following best practices in concrete construction for the stiffest foundation possible

What Is The Role Of The Structural Engineer Versus The Geotechnical Engineer? By Neil Opfer

concrete slab foundation
Both geotechnical engineers and structural engineers fulfill key roles in the effective design of the project.  The role of the geotechnical engine...

The Highest Quality Home Foundation Available Today.

Find out how the Wafflemat Foundation System keeps you from worrying about unnecessary damage control. By combating harmful soil expansion under the home, Wafflemat keeps your foundation free of damage for years to come.