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Eliminate Foundation Failures with the Wafflemat System

The Wafflemat Foundation System is the world’s leading foundation system for building on expansive, compressible, collapsible, and rocky soils, with millions of square feet of residential and light commercial space built across the United States since 1993 – all without a single structural failure.


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 Save time and money with the Wafflemat Foundation System. There is no need for select fill or crushed stone under slabs!

What Is the Best Fill Under Concrete Slab? Native Soil vs. Select Fill

Every new build or addition must start with a strong foundation. The stability of a strong foundation relies on the soil beneath it. To ensure the ...
Professor Neil Opfer explains how Geotechnical Surveys inform crucial information before building a Wafflemat Foundation System.


Neil Opfer - Bio Neil Opfer has extensive experience in the construction industry in various construction positions and as a construction faculty ...
Overcoming Weather Delays and Decreasing Cycle Time

Overcoming Weather Delays and Decreasing Cycle Time

Every builder faces challenges when confronted with bad weather, with foundation contractors being especially impacted when it rains. The resulting...

The Highest Quality Home Foundation Available Today.

Find out how the Wafflemat Foundation System keeps you from worrying about unnecessary damage control. By combating harmful soil expansion under the home, Wafflemat keeps your foundation free of damage for years to come.