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Eliminate Foundation Failures with the Wafflemat System

The Wafflemat Foundation System is the world’s leading foundation system for building on expansive, compressible, collapsible, and rocky soils, with millions of square feet of residential and light commercial space built across the United States since 1993 – all without a single structural failure.


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Wafflemat Foundation System uses void forms to combat soil movement and provide enhanced concrete slab stiffness.

Foundation Stiffness Ratings and Why They Matter [3 Common Foundations Reviewed]

Foundation stiffness ratings are an important factor to consider when building a home. They measure the rigidity of the foundation and its ability ...
 Soils that absorb the most water tend to be the soil type that has the greatest water retention ability.

How Does Water Affect Soil? Retention and Drainage Explained

Depending on its composition and texture, groundwater can have a significant impact on soil stability.   Water can completely transform soil charac...
Know the most common types of clay on your build site before starting foundation construction to ensure you choose the right type of foundation for expansive soils.

Clayey Soils Explained: What to Know Before Building

Clay is not an ideal soil type for construction. Clay soil types are known for being highly reactive to moisture, and if you don’t know about the c...

The Highest Quality Home Foundation Available Today.

Find out how the Wafflemat Foundation System keeps you from worrying about unnecessary damage control. By combating harmful soil expansion under the home, Wafflemat keeps your foundation free of damage for years to come.