Your Plans Exactly How You Drew Them.

Wafflemat Foundation System Solutions for Monolithic Waffle Slabs are designed to resist movement caused by expansive, liquefiable, and rocky soils. The Wafflemat design process is an exact science, Waffleboxes snap together for a perfect design every time. 

The Highest Quality Home Foundation Available Today.

Find out how the Wafflemat Foundation System keeps you from worrying about unnecessary damage control. By combating harmful soil expansion under the home, Wafflemat keeps your foundation free of damage for years to come.

Wafflemat for Engineers

Waffleboxes are easily placed and allow for the expansion of soils. They meet all code requirements and have a great track record of millions of square feet in single and multi-family residential projects as well as light commercial structures. Wafflemat replaces the outdated in-ground concrete footing systems that require more time and money to build.

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Concrete Waffle Slab Foundation by Wafflemat for Engineers.