Wafflemat Foundation Systems help you save money and time by using 20% less concrete for your foundation project!

How to Pour Concrete in your Wafflemat Foundation. 

A Wafflemat slab is an on-grade post-tensioned mat slab. There are no in-ground beams or deepened footings needed.

After arranging Waffleboxes and installing your reinforcing steel, the Wafflemat Foundation will be ready for concrete.  No special concrete mix is necessary with Wafflemat.  For example, use a standard 3,000 psi and you’re ready to go.

Notice how the Waffleboxes are able to support the weight of workers as they pour, so all areas are easy to reach.   Where applicable, it is best to fill your retaining wall first, then pour a little on top of the boxes before filling the area in between.  As the concrete is being placed, workers can begin finishing with floats and whirly birds.

A Wafflemat slab usually takes 3-4 days from formboards to completion.  And, as the Waffleboxes are made of recycled polypropylene plastic – a very ‘green’ material – and again, placed directly on grade with no in-ground ribs or deepened footings anywhere in the interior.   Weather is not an issue as it is with alternative slabs, where rain can add several days to the cycletime.

We want your next foundation to be a Wafflemat foundation.

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