Installing Post Tension Cables in your Wafflemat Foundation

Wafflemat slabs use standard post tensioning cables to provide the strength needed for single family, multifamily, and light commercial structures.

Our specially designed Wafflebox clips make it feel like second nature to align the reinforcing steel in your foundation. Simply follow the rows and fit the cables into their specified positions.

Notice that the brackets are perfectly sized to accept the cables, making a perfect fit every time.

Once the cables have been laid out and cut to size, they are ready to attach to the form board. The installation process is no different than with any other post-tensioned foundation. There is no special training or guess work required with Wafflemat.

Once your cables are installed and the concrete is placed, they are ready to be tensioned and can support tremendous amounts of pressure.

Wafflemat slabs are designed to provide the strongest foundation possible for your project. Your crew will appreciate the simplicity and ease of use, and you will enjoy the time and money saved, improving your bottom line.

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