An Overview of the Wafflemat Foundation System
Wafflemat is the leading foundation system for single family, multi-family, and light commercial structures. Used in over 25,000,000 sf. of foundations across the USA, since its introduction in 1993. Wafflemat not only delivers superior performance when compared to other foundation systems, it delivers significant cost savings by reducing soils prep, concrete, reinforcing steel, and building cycle time. The voids formed by the Waffleboxes act as ‘relief valves’ that absorb heaving soils and eliminate significant structural cracking. Wafflemat provides the stiffest cross sections per cubic yard of concrete. In terms of environmental impact, a Wafflemat foundation uses less concrete and steel, and reduces excavation of soils and accompanying off-haul when compared to other systems. This results not only in lower carbon emissions, but also less erosion and transport of sedimentation in drainage and storm runoff waters, ultimately flowing into the ocean. Wafflemat assist builders in obtaining Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points, most likely in the categories Energy & Atmosphere, Materials, and Resources, and Innovation and Design process. Wafflemat has a track record of reliability that is unparalleled, it’s consistently one of the most economical systems in all construction, as reductions in soils prep, materials, and cycle time often produce cost savings of 20%-25% when compared to other foundations. Your next foundation should be a Wafflemat Foundation.