Superior Foundation for a Superior Home

Wafflemat has been used as the foundation for thousands and thousands of single-family homes across the USA since 1993, all without one structural failure. That's an unparalleled track record in the construction industry for almost three decades.  Wafflemat residential foundation systems are the perfect solution for single family home builders who need the best foundation on the market!

The Highest Quality Home Foundation Available Today.

Find out how the Wafflemat Foundation System keeps you from worrying about unnecessary damage control. By combating harmful soil expansion under the home, Wafflemat keeps your foundation free of damage for years to come.

Upsell Your New Homes

A strong foundation is one of the first things a buyer considers when searching for a new home. By offering a Wafflemat Foundation, builders add value to their homes and strengthen their business reputation.

Wafflemat Foundation Cost Less on Building Materials and Saves Time in Installation Process