Wafflemat's concrete mat foundation system allows residential construction of multifamily buildings to continue progress despite rains that would disrupt a traditional foundation slab.


A key highlight that Wafflemat Foundation System offers is its recovery time after rain.  A Wafflemat foundation is set on a level building pad, eliminating the need for trenching interior beams.  In eliminating the need for trenched interior beams, it allows for more control of concrete yields (no over-excavating concerns), as well as bypassing the need to drain and clean interior trenches after it has rained.

Tealstone recently saw first-hand the many benefits of a Wafflemat Foundation.  Firewheel in Garland, Texas is a 4-story multi-family project that had design delays prior to construction which pushed the construction schedule further behind. 


Tealstone chose Wafflemat for this project primarily because it was projected to come in over-budget and behind schedule. 

Additional delays were projected as Dallas entered the rainy season.   Four days prior to the foundation being poured, the site received an inch of rain. 



 Wafflemat plastic void form boxes can be placed in any weather, without the risk of compromising the structural integrity of the void form boxes.  Typically, the foundation may be poured a day or two after the rain has cleared.


Tealstone was able to skip the re-excavation and clearing out of the collapsed trenches after the rain, allowing for the pour date to remain on schedule, the estimated concrete yield remained within expectations and the overall foundation cost came in under budget. The 30,000 square foot Wafflemat foundation was completed in just 5 days.


If you’re looking for a concrete foundation that’s easy to form, structurally stronger and stiffer than a conventional shallow foundation design, with faster recovery time due to inclement weather delays, Wafflemat is your solution.


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