The Wafflemat shallow foundation system is a pt ribbed slab foundation system that uses void forms to build a slab on ground that helps builders avoid interior trenching through rock.

A new multifamily building in Garland, Texas marks yet another successful Wafflemat Foundation. The Wafflemat Foundation System is designed for builders and contractors who must deliver engineered slab-on-grade foundations on time and on budget across a variety of adverse soil conditions.

In this deployment, Wafflemat was specifically chosen due to rocky soil conditions at the build site.   The upper 1 to 6 feet consisted of high plasticity clay.  Limestone was encountered within 1 to 6 feet below grade and extended past 20 feet below grade.  The site preparation would potentially require a minimum of 24 inches of rock to be excavated over 30,000 square feet.   

The Wafflemat Foundation is set on a level building pad, eliminating the need for trenching interior beams.  In eliminating the need for trenched interior beams, i it allowed for a substantial savings in both time and money by reducing the site prep work requirements.

Waffleboxes are installed in a grid system with easy-to-use clips that keep everything in place, ensuring a perfect install that matches the engineer’s exact specifications.

Once the site was level, forms were set and a layer of vapor barrier placed, the grade and cable crew began placing boxes.   The crew had never installed Waffle boxes before, and were able to set over 5,700 boxes across a 29,000  square foot foundation, including  the post-tension cables, in only 5 days.

After the Waffleboxes are set and post tensioning cables in place, the foundation is ready to be poured.

With Wafflemat, pouring concrete into your foundation is like any other foundation system. The crew simply walks over the re-cycled plastic boxes as they pour and finish the foundation just as they would with a traditional slab on grade foundation.

Once the concrete is poured, crews finish the slab using traditional techniques – no special training or considerations are required.

Regardless of the rocky soil conditions, the installation was successfully completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

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