Insulating a Commercial Building on a Wafflemat Foundation is a good way to save energy.

When planning to build a  light commercial building for your business, one of your goals should be to make it as energy efficient as possible.  Consult with your concrete contractor to learn all the ways you can make your build more efficient. Choosing green building commercial construction could lead to big energy savings in the long run.  Contrary to what some may believe, it’s very possible to make an inexpensive commercial building construction project a reality.  Energy use in commercial buildings has become much more efficient in recent years, there are many ways to take advantage of commercial energy savings. 

Proper Insulation

Making sure the building is insulated properly, is one major way to ensure your light commercial building is efficient.  Spending more to compensate for heating or cooling because your structure does not hold temperature well can lead to tens of thousands of dollars over the life span of your building. Making sure your build holds the temperature you want is one of the first steps to building an energy efficient commercial building.  We have all been in structures that are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.  Having to spend more to regulate the temperature is a big detriment to commercial energy efficiency. 

Energy Efficient Appliances

No matter what the application is for your building, you should try to choose the most energy efficient appliances possible. Appliances with the energy star logo meet standards to be more energy efficient than other appliances. Look for these to help increase energy conservation in your buildings. 

Efficient Plumbing

Leaking pipes and plumbing fixtures costs businesses and homeowners, be sure to keep this in mind during the design phase.  The cost of losing water, or paying more to heat it is a big variable in energy efficiency measures for commercial buildings. Many times it takes reading at the water meter or a problem to arise to find leaks or, design flaws.  Be sure to locate these bugs in schematic designs and not when construction is complete.

Lighting Needs


Lighting is important for the safety and quality of any project

Using windows and sky lights for natural light is one strategy on how to reduce energy consumption, if what you plan on doing with your building allows for them.  Some tasks require that no outside light be able to shine into the building, if this is your case, finding the most energy efficient lighting and fixtures are very important in keeping costs low. LED lighting is very cost effective compared to the traditional fluorescent bulbs.

Your Building’s Foundation

The foundation of your building may be one of the most overlooked but important components to building an energy efficient light commercial building. Your first step should be to find out what type of foundation is suitable for your soil. Mat foundation slabs have been proven to be energy efficient and greatly reduces the construction work needed. If you have shifting soil, it may be best to find the best foundation for clay soil.  

What is a Wafflemat?

Wafflemat, the leading foundation technology for expansive soil


You should consult a concrete slab contractor to determine if a waffle concrete slab form is right for your build.  The waffle slab design allows the foundation to resist movement and cracking from changes in the soil.  This mat foundation construction style also saves money during the construction phase by requiring less concrete and man power to build.  The environmental impact is also lessened by eliminating the need to dig a deep foundation, also keeping project costs lower. The waffle formwork allows the soil and moisture to expand and contract with the void giving space for the water to enter and leave.  Other foundation designs experience heaving and cracking when the soil  begins to shift.  The waffle mat design also reduces average construction time for a commercial build. 

To learn more about how a Wafflemat design can greatly increase the efficiency of your light commercial build, speak with one of our informed and helpful representatives today.