Your building's structural slab for residential construction should use a mat foundation with void forms like the Wafflemat Foundation System.

As an owner of rental properties, you know that your success depends on creating spaces that are functional, attractive, and long-lasting. One key component of any building is its foundation, which provides the stability and support necessary to keep your structure standing for years to come. Although it can be tempting to cut corners and use lower-quality materials to save money, it may end up costing more in expensive repairs. Investing in a more durable, longer-lasting concrete foundation is the smart choice for protecting your investment and minimizing liability over the long term. Here's why. 

First and foremost, a strong foundation is essential for maintaining long term property value. The Wafflemat System is one of the most durable and reliable building foundations, offering unparalleled strength and resistance to weather, moisture, and other environmental factors that can cause damage and wear over time. By using the Wafflemat System for your foundations, you can be confident that your properties will stand up to the elements and provide a safe and secure living environment for your tenants. Wafflemat has installed over 30 million square feet of foundation over 30 years with 0 reported structural failures. 

The Wafflemat Foundation System is an effective expansive soil foundation used to mitigate foundation failures and delays during construction.

In addition to long term value preservation, a strong foundation can also reduce operating expenses by minimizing the need for costly repairs and maintenance over time. When you use a traditional foundation system, you'll likely end up paying more in the long run as you deal with the consequences of foundation cracking, settling, and other issues. By investing in a stronger concrete foundation, you can avoid these costly problems and ensure that your properties remain in good condition for years to come.

Furthermore, using Wafflemat can also help to minimize liability concerns by reducing the risk of unexpected foundation issues. If a tenant’s property is damaged or destroyed due to a faulty foundation, you could be held liable for repairing or replacing, putting your business and your finances at risk. By using a proven system and ensuring that your foundations are built to code and inspected regularly, you can minimize this risk and protect your business from legal and financial troubles.

As an owner of rental properties, investing in a durable, longer-lasting concrete foundation is essential for protecting your investment, minimizing liability concerns, and creating safe, attractive, and reliable rental properties that will stand the test of time.

Best of all, the Wafflemat Foundation System is designed to eliminate many of the delays and complications that can arise during the foundation building process. It can be installed quickly and efficiently without the need for extensive on-site preparation or specialized equipment.

Wafflemat used void forms boxes to mitigate foundation heaving in multifamily and light commercial building construction.

This means that builders can complete the foundation stage of their projects more quickly, reducing the risk of weather delays and other complications that can slow down construction timelines and increase costs. 

In addition to its speed and efficiency, the Wafflemat Foundation System can also save builders money by reducing the need for trenching and importing fill dirt. Traditional foundation systems often require significant excavation and preparation work, including the creation of trenches for utilities and the importation of fill dirt to provide a stable base for the foundation. This process can be time-consuming and expensive, especially in areas with difficult terrain or soil conditions.

With the Wafflemat Foundation System, however, these steps are not always necessary, as the system is designed to work with a variety of soil conditions. This can significantly reduce the cost and complexity of the foundation building process, allowing builders to complete their projects more efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Wafflemat Foundation System is an innovative solution for building strong, durable foundations for rental properties that can save builders time and money while also providing a host of additional benefits. Whether you're looking to streamline your construction process, reduce your costs, or enhance the value and appeal of your rental properties, the Wafflemat Foundation System is an excellent choice that can help you to achieve your goals more effectively and efficiently.

The Wafflemat Structural Foundation is a slab on ground foundation system that uses a ribbed slab design.