What makes Wafflemat foundations different?

The Wafflemat foundation is an innovative amalgamation of the better qualities of all the traditional foundations used in both residential and commercial construction.

This foundation forming system starts off with grid created by evenly placing a series of Waffleboxes - 8.5“or 12” high and 19”x19” thermal grade heat resistant hollow structures - throughout the footprint soil area.

This is followed by pouring concrete over it to create a five-inch post-tension reinforced concrete slab on top as well as concrete beams running all through the footprint and perimeter.

The result is a post- tensioned foundation where the Waffleboxes allow for any vertical expansive soil movement, mitigating the upward pressure on the slab. The system is easily installed with the slab setup and pour being a mere two-day job as there is no need for trenching and pre-soaking the soil beforehand.

Plus, since the Wafflemat slab is typically 12” above grade, it possesses the greatest floor stiffness of any system in its class, successfully withstanding differential swelling from landscaping practices, surface drainage or floods.

The Wafflemat foundation thus exhibits the ease and quickness of constructability of a Uniform Thickness Foundation as well as the effectiveness and strength of a Ribbed one, making it a comprehensive solution to the problem of expansive soil.

These qualities are the reason why, ever since its creation in 1993, the Wafflemat foundation has been used in over 25,000,000 square feet of single and multi-family residential and light commercial structures, all without a single reported case structural failure.

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