It has been seen time and again that one of the most crucial parts of building a home or property is to put in the right foundation to ensure a long life.

However, the expansiveness of the soil that it is built on can have a huge impact on the durability of the structure. When soil expands owing to the changing weather conditions and moisture level, the soil tends to contract and expand.

Traditionally, the most common foundations used in residential construction, namely - ribbed slab (RS), uniform thickness slab (UTS), and stem wall with continuous footing (SW) – are not designed to mitigate the effects of this expansion.

Builders often try to mitigate this problem by placing non-expansive soil caps on top of the expansive soil hoping to stop the expansion before it damages the foundations or the structures built on top of the soil cap, which it often does provided that the thin slab does not allow expansions through the edges.

However, this process requires the uppermost layer of soil to be completely removed and replaced with non-expansive soil, which is a substantially costly procedure.

That is why Wafflemat foundations are one of the best solutions to the problem of expansive soil.

This is because these foundations are specifically designed to absorb pressures from expanding soil, so there is no need for a non-expansive cap. The entire procedure of excavating and importing the upper layer of the soil is thus eliminated, resulting in a significant reduction in cost, time and energy used for the construction.

The owner, the builder and the environment, all are thus better off with Wafflemat!

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