The concept of the Wafflemat slab foundation was developed with the vision to improve the traditional construction process in every aspect possible, be it durability, cost-effectiveness or its overall impact on the environment.

And recently, at the 17th annual Clean Air Awards luncheon held in San Francisco, one of these changes brought in by the Wafflemat foundation was acknowledged when it received the prestigious Clean Air Award in the category of “Green Building”.

This award followed the publishing of a whitepaper labelled, “Lowering the Carbon Footprint When Using the Wafflemat System for Concrete Slab Foundations,” that gave a detailed analysis of how the production, transportation and use of concrete for the Wafflemat foundation in residential home construction lead to a 20% decrease in the level of climate change gas emissions. On the bigger picture, this would mean approximately 4 to 9 less tons of Co2 released into the atmosphere for every home!

The award is an honour for the Wafflemat corporation as it indicates our inclusion in the list of businesses, organizations and individuals who are committed to improving the air quality in their respective regions by adopting innovative approaches across sectors. Past recipients include organizations like IBM, Intel, Shell Oil, and Lockheed Martin.

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