Construction of a property, be it residential or commercial, is a process that requires large quantities of water at various steps. 

The first and the most-water-extensive is the over-excavating, recompacting, and pre-soaking phase of the foundation pads as the soil needs pre-swelling to avoid further expansion due to pressure. Typically, an average sized 1500 square feet building with an 18-inch pre-soaking foundation requirement requires 8800 gallons of water.

Another large use of water during construction is for making concrete as well as washing-out of mixing trucks. A 1500 square feet home might require as many as six trucks full of concrete, creation and washing of which together uses about 300-400 gallons of water.

And when you combine these uses in the context of a 100-home development by a production builder, the numbers skyrocket to nearly a million gallons!

To solve this very problem and to save thousands of gallons of water per home, we introduce to you – the Wafflemat Foundation System!

This foundation uses a Wafflemat slab created by connecting a series of Waffleboxes which are basically thermal-grade heat-resistant plastic forms set directly on a levelled subgrade. The completed mat possesses great stiffness and resistance against differential swelling due to landscaping practices, improper surface drainage, flooding etc. even without the need for pre-soaking.

Additionally, a similar sized foundation with Wafflemat requires only 4 trucks of concrete, thus less water to mix and wash.

If we combine this, on a simple 15 square feet building, we use around 9600 gallons less water and for larger projects – the savings are enough to make a difference in the world water crisis!