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Wafflemat Installation

About: Wafflemat Foundation System is the world’s leading foundation system for building on expansive, compressible, collapsible, and rocky soils, with millions of square feet of residential and light commercial space built across the United States since 1993 – all without a single structural failure.

Wafflemat Multi Family

Are you looking for the strongest foundation for a house? Multi-Family residential construction accounts for almost half of all building foundations laid with the Wafflemat. Because of ease of use and lack of time constraints, Wafflemat is one of the cheapest and best house foundations on the market.

Wafflemat Engineer

Waffleboxes meet all code requirements and have a great track record of millions of square feet in single and multi-family residential projects as well as light commercial structures. Wafflemat is the only foundation solution that saves time and money with simpler construction, and no delays.

Wafflemat Contractor

Waffleboxes are easy to set up, so on average, a construction worker will lay 75 per hour. After the addition of reinforcement steel, the contractor achieves a monolithic system that is fixed at its ends.


Wafflemat Developer

The Wafflemat system uses less concrete, rebar, and water while requiring minimal reworking of soil with little to no trenching! Less construction materials, minimal needs for soil reworking, and lack of weather delays save both money and time, making Wafflemat the best foundation for house and warehouse construction.

Wafflemat - Interview with Barry

After extensive research, Barry found that the Wafflemat would both reduce concrete foundation costs per linear foot, and save him time while offering a superior solution to the traditional pier system. The Wafflemat sales and customer support team helped him deliver an exceptional service while saving his company time and money.

Wafflemat Light Commercial

Wafflemat foundations can also be used in light commercial projects. Wafflemat is the best foundation for expansive soil. Marriott is so pleased with its waffle slab foundation that they even chose to construct a 30,000 square foot addition to their current system.