The Wafflemat foundation-forming system creates a post- tensioned foundation especially for expansive soils. It offers the ease of constructability of a Uniform Thickness Foundation, along with the effectiveness of a Ribbed Foundation.


The system sits on pad grade, and comes in either 8.5“or 12” high, 19” x 19” thermal grade heat resistant Waffleboxes (note:

the boxes are made of recycled plastic and are “environmentally

friendly”). The Wafflemat is created by connecting a series of Waffleboxes together, and evenly spacing them throughout the footprint area. A five inch post-tension reinforced concrete slab is then monolithically poured, the Waffleboxes allowing for any expansive soil movement. The pour also creates concrete beams running through the footprint and perimeter.


The system is easily installed. The plumbing is brought up through the Waffleboxes with rebar reinforcement. The slab setup and pour is a two- day or less process, eliminating trenching and reducing soil preparation

by providing less over-excavation and re-compaction, reducing building cycle-time.



Wafflemat possesses the greatest floor stiffness of any system in its class, with sufficient strength to resist differential swelling resulting from landscaping practices, surface drainage or flooding from any source. In addition, the Wafflemat does not require pre-soaking any underlying soil pads, and there is no need for footings – meaning, no earth spoils. And, since the Wafflemat slab is typically 12” above grade, it provides the option of no gravel, sand, or moisture barrier.


The Wafflemat, first installed in 1993, has been used, as of January 2019, in over 25,000,000 square feet of single and multi-family residential and light commercial structures without a single reported structural failure.