The Texas Wafflemat is designed and engineered especially for builders currently using in-grounded ribbed slabs. With the Texas Wafflemat, one perimeter cut-off wall is trenched per code 2’ to 5’ in depth. The 8.5” Wafflebox is then installed across the interior footprint, and a 4” to 6” top slab of 3,000 psi concrete placed. The Texas Wafflemat eliminates all interior beams used in the in-ground ribbed foundation, mitigating not only that trenching, but also the substantial amounts of concrete overages associated with the in-ground design.  In addition, less reinforcing steel and vapor-barrier materials are used with the Texas Wafflemat, and the building cycletime is reduced significantly.

Finally, and with less soil contact area, as well as the void space of the Waffleboxes acting as a ‘relief valve’ for heaving soils, the Texas Wafflemat delivers superior performance when compared to the in-ground ribbed design.

In summary, the Texas Wafflemat is far easier and cleaner to install than the in-ground ribbed foundation, provides significant cost savings via savings in materials and labor/building cycletime, and delivers superior performance.  Want to see for yourself? Give us a copy of your current plans and soils report, and we’ll do a side-by-side comparison at no cost. 

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Wafflemat: since 1993, tens and tens of millions of sf installed across the USA – all without one structural failure