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9,000 Square Foot pre-school in San Ramon, CA

Attached are 10 sequence photo’s of the Wafflemat foundation-forming system at the Goddard Preschool in San Ramon, California. 1,700 Waffleboxes were placed in the 9,000 sf slab. The initial concrete estimate was 300 yards, the actual about 280. The concrete pour began at 7:00am and was completed about 1:00pm.

Of special note is the beam spacing the structural engineers (Advanced Engineering in Brentwood, California) utilized in the foundation (12″ instead of the standard 6″ at the bottom of the Wafflebox) because of the loads that need to be supported. A little extra work was involved in making the larger spacers — simple rebar bent downward at the ends to be placed in the W/box’s existing holes — by the foundation subcontractor (Encore Construction, Tracy, CA), but the savings in soils work that would have been done if Wafflemat was not used — estimated by the GC (Proforma Construction, Pleasanton, CA) to be several thousand dollars — was worth it. And then there’s that superior performance in expansive soils vs. the alternative uniform thickness slab . . .

Super job by all involved.