My name is Tom Richards, and I represent the Wafflemat foundation system. I have seen the commercial regarding Amazon’s commitment to reducing your CO2 footprint and was prompted to look further into the five initiatives detailed on your website – Financial, Transportation, Electrical, Packaging, and Devices.

We, at Wafflemat, believe there’s a sixth initiative Amazon should not only include, but can also easily have a ready-made solution for as you construct new centers around the world: reducing the thousands of tons of emissions from the single largest cause of CO2 in all construction, the production and transportation of concrete used in a project.

Please click and in two minutes see how the Wafflemat foundation can provide massive reductions in this area. In addition, we have reviewed the plans for the upcoming 750,000 sf center in Mississippi, and not only can Wafflemat provide significant hard dollar cost savings vs. the alternative foundation, it can mitigate substantial amounts of CO2 too.

All your CO2 initiatives point to building a better world. We, at Wafflemat, want you to start those efforts with the foundation of every building you construct. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at 925.683.2739 – Tom Richards